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We drool

Over gorgeous beauty


Watch delicious mad pedestrians

Boil away

John Miles

Concatenate Behind Sleep

they fall and need drunk fluff
i be always ripped mad
the tiny sun is bare as her truest iron winter
why was it after you?

a frantic whisper beneath the light above did swim
gone were those delicious nanoseconds
he could chain beauty behind sleep
she let snot spray them away

they fall and drank the necessity in order to sleep the bag
it is torn always made to annoy itself

the small sun is naked as a its more applicable iron winter
why she was after you?

a frenetic whisper of the light below swam over
they have been gone, those exquisite nanoseconds
the beauty could concatenate behind sleep
snot left to spray them and move aw
hunsmire polypoppi, 2000

i sit here in the night


should i eat popcorn?

there is nothing else....

I feel down here at night

That it is asked

Must I eat exploded maize?

There is nothing of another way...

I feel that down here at night

I am asked to eat exploded corn.

There is nothing another way.

-shaughn dowd

i practice hour after hour
the very same measure
what does this mean
am i psychotic or talented
you decide

I very practise the hour after hour
same measurement
what makes this means
am me psychotic or gifted
you decide

I practice in the hour after the hour
a lot the same measure
that what makes this average

is psychotic I or of talent

you decide 

I practise the hour after the hour

very the same measure

what psychotic makes this way is me or talented

you decide yourself

 -shaughn dowd

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