Tropes, Sequences and Liturgical Drama


-monophonic additions to Roman Chant

-not adopted to the official liturgy, except 4 sequences, and another in 1727

-chant changed because of shift north
-800-1100:  height of tropes; flourished

-trope:  turn; turn of phrase

-musical and/or textual additions to liturgies

-3 classes of tropes:
     class 1 = melismas
     class 2 = text additions==prosae; elaborate; prosula=add a little text
     class 3 = both music and text

-Proper received more troping;  elaborate to make something more special

-Ordinary received Generic troping

-troping usually done in responsorial solo singing:  practical


"to follow"

-jubilus:  melisma over ia in Alleluia

-sequence is the melisma over "ia"

-performed in & out of church

-devotional, but non-liturgical

-paired rhymed versicles:  aa bb cc dd . . .; x aa bb cc dd . . . y

Liturgical Drama

-tropes & sequences:  incorporated into liturgical drama

-plays used throughout church year

-Play of Daniel:  13thC manuscript, but written in 12thC 
     PDC491-highly metric
     PDC5368-more recent, w/ motet

-story of Daniel in the Lion's Den