Medieval Summary

1150-Notre Dame school

Early Medieval

• approach from Christianity
• mysticism: mindset
• Romanesque

Later Medieval

• secularism
• scholasticism
• Gothic

Great Schism refers to Western split, in which there were 2 popes: 1 in Rome, 1 in Avignon; referred to as the "Babylonian Captivity".


Romanesque: 4th C

• arches are rounded: Moslem influence
• buildings low, functional, sturdy
• thick walls support structure
• heavily vaulted ceilings: structural aid
• small windows
• little sculpture; unlifelike; adornment
• octagonal center

Gothic: Notre Dame, Milan Cathedral

• constructed during time of Leonin & Perotin
• pointed arches
• tall buildings with no supporting walls
• internal vaulting; external buttresses; "flying"
• large beautiful windows
• much adornment

Primary Document Summary:

Augustine: Dogmatic; "believe this"

• primary necessity of faith before reason, that's all you need
• mysticism is an "otherworldly" philosophy
• life is preparation for the "life hereafter"
• Church is center of all this
• unworthiness of humans
• idea of being predestined, but you still have to try
• talks about Adam's principle sins: 7 of them

Aquinus: reasoned-out document

• faith and reason compliment each other
• dialogue
• willingness to enjoy life
• gets into scholasticism