Techniques for Musique Concrete

A. Turntable

1. "locked-groove"
2. speed manipulation
3. reverse direction

B. Tape

1. Compositional Splicing

-ordering of material

-splicing envelopes; attacks mask splices

-create new envelopes

-partially replaced by sampling

-splicing still useful, as digital editing is expensive
-classical, popular recordings not done in one take

2. Speed displacement/manipulation

-vari-pitch tape recorder, tape speeds

-transfer from tape to tape

-slows down changes; timing of envelopes

-expanded time; moment/reverse

-useful for background

3. Tape reverse

-decays become attacks; envelopes reverse

4. Reel rocking

5. Fast forward, rewind

6. Tape Loop

-provides unity

7. Tape Echo, Delay

C. Mixing techniques

1. Panning

-sounds "travel" through space

- much easier to do with mixers w/ panning lever

2. Channeling

-separation: complete divorce; schizophrenia

3. Layering