Digital Audio

mp3 digital audio files of my music can be downloaded and/or purchased from the following web locations:

those not wishing to 'register' with the data miners can go here for more (spurious uploads in progress 4/2003):

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Tater-Z's Toe Tappin' Tunez

Algonquin Breeze (1989)
Brayton Holler (1991)
Hobgoblin (1991)

4 Miniatures (1991)

Trio, for EWI, Electric Guitar and Vibraphone (1991)

Works using 'M'

Mosby's Protofunk (1990)
Stilettos and Pearls (on New England Girls...) (2000)

Works using 'Sound and Logic' (Le Lisp version, Martirano/Tcheng)

numaSALami (1992); [fl, cl, as, bc, bsn, tbn, vln, cb, vb, mar, 3 perc]

raw numaSALami files (1992)

l. a. s. (1992, rev. 2000)

three concatenated unused numaSALami sketches for future discombobulation and reassembly

Works using 'Improvisation Builder' a.k.a. SAL 80 (Improvisation Builder by Bill Walker)

Work for Orchestra (1994- )
Sketch 1 (orchestrated)
Sketch 2 (orchestrated)
Sketch 3 (raw midi)
Sketch 4 (raw midi)
Sketch 5 (raw midi)
Sketch 6 (raw midi)

alternative sketches for revised www orchestra (1999)

Sketch 4
Sketch 5
Sketch 6

LiturOzMus for Computer and Electronic Tone Generator (1996)
Works using HUNSMIRE (1992-2000): algorithmic composition software developed in MAX