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1. Chateaugay Lake: Early History

Articles & photos of the northern Adirondacks and Miles family
MIDI versions of some of my compositions.  
3. Digital Audio
Digital audio files in mp3 format can be downloaded from the following locations: (unfortunately, pre-registration required) (no pre-registration required!)
4. Music Project
Information relating to electroacoustic music, composition, analysis, theory, and musicology.
5. Personal
My Bio, Résumé, and Vita
6. Texts

7. Electronic Music Scores


The Miles Family

John D. Miles and family have been in the Chateaugay Lake area since the 1820's.

Mom is the family Queen of geneology.

I have two daughters, Ashley and Amber, who are the greatest kids in the world!.


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Interests include creating interdiscplinary art, primarily composition and performance of electroacoustic music. I'm interested in the 'technical' aspect of music, ie. music analysis/theory. I'm not really a 'theorist'; it's simply a hobby: I consider myself more of a composer/performer. I play saxophone, and like improvising. I like to play jazz, blues, rock, and weird avante-garde stuff. I also play EWI (electronic wind instrument). I'm into 'algorithmic' composition, and have designed an interactive program that allows a performer to interact live with a computer. I've used this system to create several musical and dance works.

I'm interested in historical subjects, including the Adirondacks, Western Europe, Vikings, as well as Musicology.

I love camping, canoeing, boating, travelling, biking, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowsledding, swimming, snowshoeing, hunting, and climbing mountains.

I'm an avid reader and collector of Bizarre Science Mystery Crime comics