Open Letter to Mr. Courtney, c/o NYC

8 MAR 2000

Mr. Courtney,

Better good day.

We are owing to ABC no Rio for giving me your creative web site and leaving which for something from this in a sometimes gloomy city, a more exciting workstation to be with in contact from its information Media.

I am a creature, although I am not, which you are now calling a monster say, from the millions years before your time. I assume l that I am something as near troll. However from which you call the mesozoische, frozen I was under the Glacier-ice in those mountains Adirondack for thousands and thousands of the lonely years.

Most my tribe are dead, frozen with other ones of our kind. My brain in the many years were damaged now, I which remained enclosed in the large rock and ice system. Therefore do not remind me I much on my last life span, although for any reason I remain further alive, like some other different ones of my tribe. My appearance is, particularly my large pointed ears a little unusual; however I can hide those and my Horne under my longer hair. I avoid humans and although I in the middle in it their society can mix, me recently followed cases on these computers over your large city and its people.

I do not only use computers, in order to modify tones with digital electronics to mostly converse but others like I and thus in the morning-familiar with your technology to also possibly achieve but with your urban policy. I cannot speak your language with speech-tones, but have something learned of, as one writes and reads, with this keyboard writing. Forgive me please, if this does not use a little your words correctly.

These other dada-adirondackgebirgselektronischemusik composers of the far hills, of the faraway mountains Adirondack are frightened and upset at the senseless policy in New York town center, which is the guidelines, which are formed by the mayor Rudy.

The Main thing is to be: the northern human hill-people does not require a mayor Rudy to be a senator. We knows the fact that in 'no dancing' guideline in the city out and possibly is for you okay, but we are not for it. They are accustomed more with frenzy-dancing into these local bars and in nightclubs; we think that you should revolt the city people against this very same mental disorder. Also, he likes to abort new-art occurring in very these museum Brooklyn places, and perhaps you can inform of him to cease. If a mayor he not cease these rules of the idiots, then we will have to descend with these fartschnüffelncoonhunde on Versailles quickly to whip an ass. I should remind you that my users, they are farmers and woodcutters, tutor red plaidjagdjacken with similar trendy wool hats to possess.

They may not become this crap and not for it much longer to be, if he is a senator; soon it floats everyone out except on his cronies.

If you require, you can read these words to your other human activists at the Poesierecitals, in order to excite attention of all our citizens in these United States, therefore everyone knows about art, music and other free spirited activies in his unbelievable authoritarian positions towards.

Also he requires the system, salesmen does not sell their things on the side streets, but therefore many people come to New York town center to buy those things specifically. Many of my local human agricultural workers and friends bought the unique antiken art products, so that I display in my underground life workstation of the secret. Indeed if you are not a person with white skin, he steals your things as well as the cash, which the people gave you, and this is not right. The police disturbs the salesman each day, and is spoiling in that city.

Explain please to your people and its computer machinery over the many false things, which occur, which must do it somewhat fast, before they steal the whole our fun away.

Possibly you can write over this into a book, therefore knows everyone, evils of these mayors Rudy is. These SS politicians, are like the other stupid nazis, who enjoy their authoritarian guidelines.

I would like to explain also over the applicable concept of the Park Agency Adirondack, whose function is not, to always form these green hills but hunt humans of its country. If they can impose all here to be poor, they will all humans leave this land and then they will go to the city in which the police probably he will shoot them because they will catch up in their wallets to the public exposure that they do not have moneies or homes. Then the government will possess their earth and despoil it for the political of the owners of the tree. Already, they are much ruining the forest.

Who for all the possible suggestions thank you sincerely, of our difficult situation are considered.

Frankly, for your good advice,

Polypoppi de Hunsmire (Not Elmer Fudd)
Dem goldang Adirondack Hills
Chateaugay Lake, New York


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