John Miles works in acoustic, electroacoustic and computer-assisted music composition as well as computer-assisted interactive performance. He has a master’s in Music Composition/Theory from Miami University. He is also "ABD" at the University of Illinois, where he majored in Music Composition and minored in Music Theory. John has taught music theory at the University of Illinois, where he was a Visiting Lecturer as well as electronic music at Miami University where he also assisted in directed the electronic music studios.

John has performed as an instrumentalist (saxophone, bassoon, clarinet and keyboards) in the US Navy Band in Guam, South America, and the Caribbean as well as with the Crane Saxophone Quartet. From 1991-95 Miles developed a MAX-based program for interactive performance and composition called HUNSMIRE, used with an Akai EWI or MIDI controller. John has studied composition with Salvatore Martirano, C. James Sheppard, Paul Steinberg, G. Roger Davis, John Melby, Paul Zonn, Morgan Powell, and Elliott DelBorgo.

John is a certified Level I Healing Touch practitioner and during 2000 was Executive Director for Pegasus Healing Systems, Brooklyn, NY.

John currently lives in New York City, where he aspires to be an Adirondack hermit.