I'm a native of Chateaugay Lake, NY, where I still own property that's been in the family since 1890. Chateaugay Lake is waaaay up in the Adirondacks, where it gets down to about -40F in the deep winter months....brrrrrr

The focus of this project includes remedial history of the Miles family as well as selected historical topics of the area surrounding Chateaugay Lake. Also included are some of my music projects, covering original compositions as well as a portion of my collected research on composition, theory, and music history.

I collect family history. One area of concern is Miles geneology, particularly one Samuel Mills, of Dedham, Massachusetts, ca. 1630's. Samuel sailed alone from England in his mid-teens; no one seems to know anything more about him than that, such as the name of the ship he sailed on. Information contributions on him or any other related topic will be considered and appreciated!

I also collect information on the history of the Chateaugay Lakes area, any time and all time periods. Of particular concern is the following: native American activity in the Chateaugay Lakes area prior to the 1830's; iron ore manufacturing and processing during the 1800's; bootleggers and rum-runners of the 1920's; The Forge, Popeville, Banner House, Paul Merrill, as well as more information about my family 1830-present.